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Parody Sue: Fourth Installment.

Still moving the fic. I'll put new parts up soon.

Title: Every (Fan)Girl's Dream
Author: seethingheathen
Feedback: Please.
Pairing: Everyone/Anyone
Rating: Overall: NC-17.
Disclaimers: Not true. . .blah, blah, blah. Tolkien's characters are his own, I just get them dirty.
Summary: Yay, more smut.
Archive: Gay Shagging Cats.
A/N: Blatant Mary Sue. Horribly written. The only reasons the het seks isn't disgusting are: 1) I'm the OFC. 2) It's humour.
A/N 2: You know, I’m not really this pervy in real life. Oh, who am I kidding? This is a Mary Sue, which means it’s an exact representation of what I really am. Perfectly sexy and gorgeous. Yeah.

Parts 1 and 2.
Parts 3 and 4.
Parts 5 and 6.

Part Seven: Legolas, the Cunning Linguist.

"Eat you, Mistress Limey Sugar? I don’t understand." Legolas’ voice was barely a whisper. He had a pained expression on his face, and Sonja could tell his fingers were itching to relieve the aching pressure in his loins.

"Go down on me." She said, reaching to remove the Elf’s blindfold. He had tears in his eyes. "I’m going to lie on the bed, and you’re going to fuck me with your tongue."

"But I’d rather fuck you with this," Legolas responded, rolling his hips. Sonja actually considered this, but then reconsidered it when she realised that Legolas probably wouldn’t last long enough to pleasure her. And since she had no idea where in creation her toys had been stashed when she’d fallen into Middle Earth, she couldn’t have him use them on her.

"That’s not for you to decide, my darling Prince. I want you to eat me, so eat me you shall." Sonja stripped off her black bondage pants. She wasn’t wearing knickers. Aragorn and Legolas both moaned at the sight of her standing there, half nude and just sexy as all fuck. Aragorn had to exercise every ounce of self-control to keep from pinning her to the bed and just fucking her senseless. The only thing that stopped him was pity for Legolas, who would probably have to go to bed unsatisfied if he acted so brash.

"Then will you remove my bindings?"

"If you do a good enough job," Sonja replied as she untied Legolas’ wrists and kissed them. "If you can make me come with that Elven tongue of yours, I’ll let youcome. And if you even try to touch yourself, you’ll be sorry." She was still quite amazed that she was able to keep them both under control without her assortment of whips and bindings. It must have been her sheer beauty that kept them spellbound.

Sonja lay sideways on the bed with her legs sticking off. Legolas knelt on the floor in front of her and she placed her feet on his shoulders. He put his hands on her thighs and pressed her legs apart. Sonja gripped the duvet in both of her hands as Legolas’ tongue slid experimentally inside her and out again. She positively shuddered when his tongue grazed her clit.

"Was that satisfactory, Mila- Mistress Limey Sugar?"

"Yes," she gasped. "Don’t fucking stop!" Sonja writhed on the bed as Legolas got bolder, using his fingers and his tongue. Then he put his hands under her buttocks and lifted her up so that he could lick all the way down to her arse, poking the tip of his tongue inside. It didn’t take long after that for her to come, fisting the bedclothes and panting his name.

Aragorn just sat there, watching the proceedings, stroking himself until he came as well. Sonja commanded him to come over so Legolas could lick him clean. Then she slid down to the floor to take care of the unfortunate Elf.

Legolas sucked air through his teeth as Sonja closed her mouth around his cock. After a few strokes, she untied him and let him come in her mouth. He tasted sweet, almost like honey, and didn’t have the salty bitterness that Human men had. For that she was grateful, since she wasn’t overly fond of swallowing. But she felt that Legolas had suffered quite enough, and he deserved a little kindness. After all, Sonja had gotten her wish to see Legolas and Aragorn go at it.

To be continued. . . here.
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