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SugaryLime the Mary Sue Assassin

Defending Middle Earth with smut.

LimeySugar's Evil Alter-ego.
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Welcome to my MST and Parody Sue fiction journal. I haven't got all of my MSTs posted here yet, but I'm working on it. In the mean time, I invite you to check out the now-defunct Gay Shagging Cats Official Homepage. There you will find my MSTs along with those of the other former Gay Shagging Cats members.

If you happened upon this site because you are the original author of a MST'd story, I'd like you to know a few things. I am not guilty of copyright infringement. I have not claimed your work as my own, and you will see that I have credited you as the source. I have no desire to claim the bumph you try to pass off as readable fiction as something I've created. I'm a masochist, but only to a certain extent. You will not succeed in making me take down my satirical interpretations of your work by flaming me, spamming me, or otherwise threatening me. You're welcome to try, but it will be an excerise in futility on your part.

I will not link to another person's LiveJournal. I will, however, link to archives such as fanfiction.net and adultfanfiction.net. If the only place a story is available is on LJ, I will duly credit the author without linking to his or her journal.

If you have a request for an MST, email a link to the offending fiction to: limeysugar@livejournal.com. If I think I can do it justice, I'll have at.

Feel free to friend this journal if you'd like.

SugaryLime, who, when she is not protecting her fandom from morons, goes by Sonsy.
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